Woodsville N.H. Wastewater Treatment

So how do we do it?

Our process starts with preliminary treatment of all the waste water coming in. This is done using two grit chambers and bar-racks sitting adjacent to eachother. The influent (water coming in) is pumped up from the bottom. It then passes through the channels which contain our grit chambers. These are about 12" deep and collect all heavy debris. This is usually shoveled out by hand. The bar racks catch the rags and larger lighter debris. These are cleaned twice everyday, If they collect too much before we can get to them then ALL wastewater and debris goes across the floor and into the system, which is bad!

From the head works, our influent water moves to the primary treatment. Our plant uses two clarifiers that are technically designed for seconday treatment, but because they work in unison the process is then considered primary. Clarifiers come in different shapes and sizes, and can be covered or exposed to the elements. Ours is round and covered. In the center of the circle is the actual clarifier which is a tank that the treated water exits from as it works its way towards the detention chamber. The outside portion of the circle is the aeartion basin and digester tank. The influent water enters the aeration tank from the bottom and works its way around the tank,as the solids settle down to the bottom. The influent is also being exposed to differing levels of air as part of the treatment. This is too aid in the biological process that occurs at a microscopic level. Once the influent wprks its way through the aeration basin its pumped back to the start of the aration tank and output on top of the water, to be mixed in with the fresh influent from the head works. As this process occurs solids are building up on the bottom on the the driven by a motor, that is geared low. This clarifier drive, booop sorry i think i got confused come back later...