08 September 2008 ~ 241 Comments

Greatest Praise for Mwanawasa – Continue His Mission — Mugabe Must Go

I considered Levy Mwanawasa a hero. Someone who saw the old Africa of corruption and worked to change it. On the day he suffered the stroke that would kill him, he was preparing to take on Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe and urge Africa’s leaders to stand with him against the tyrant who was [...]

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01 September 2008 ~ 45 Comments

A Letter From Zimbabwe

People who read my blog regularly know how closely I follow political events in Zimbabwe — the following is something I thought was worth passing on:
Shiny brown seeds

Dear Family and Friends,
It’s a noisy afternoon as I sit writing this letter. The Msasa trees are throwing out their seeds in preparation for the new season. Every [...]

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22 August 2008 ~ 21 Comments

Zambia’s Levy Mwanawasa To Be Buried On His Birthday — New Era African Leader Took On Mugabe

Zambia’s President Levy Mwanawasa died on Tuesday almost two months after suffering a stoke. Mwanawasa was a new kind of leader who stood up to the likes of Robert Mugabe. He will be buried on his birthday. Mwanawasa was preparing to challenge Mugabe at the African Union meeting in Cairo this [...]

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13 August 2008 ~ 79 Comments

I Received This Via Email — Morgan Tsvangirai’s Message To The People of Zimbabwe

Mugabe doesn’t allow direct communication between Tsvangirai and the people of Zimbabwe — hopefully some of them can access it here.
President Tsvangirai Statement to the People of Zimbabwe
13 August 2008
My Fellow Zimbabweans:
The Movement for Democratic Change has always been a people’s project. We seek nothing but the best interests of the people of our country.
Tragically, [...]

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11 August 2008 ~ 305 Comments

Calls for Mugabe to go

“Mugabe has no respect for the owners of Zimbabwe and deserves no respect in these negotiations. No deal will be clinched by showing him undeserved respect. When he gets angry he is prone to making judgemental errors.
The sooner he is provoked and challenged will he attempt to prematurely terminate the negotiations or give in to [...]

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09 August 2008 ~ 2 Comments

If This Report On the Zimbabwe Talks is True It Isn’t Good

Many of the ruling Zanu-PF leadership are worse than Mugabe. The other problem is that if Mugabe moves to a “ceremonial” role and top members of his regime stay largely in place — the likely outcome would be what Mugabe has accomplished in the past — violence will continue in a targeted way until [...]

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01 August 2008 ~ 38 Comments

Botswana Launches Boycott of SADC Meeting if Mugabe Invited

In the absence of Zambia’s President Levy Mwanawasa, who suffered a stroke just prior to the recent African Union Meeting in Cairo, Botswana has step in and become the leading African nation standing up to Mugabe.
Announcing it will boycott the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) meeting if Mugabe is invited. This [...]

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