11 December 2009 ~ 71 Comments

The Impact of Video Rebuffering on Viewership

If you have a site that is heavy on streaming content, whether video or otherwise, it may be worthwhile to take into consideration the impact of stream rebuffering. A recent report from Tubemogul found that 81% of viewers abandoned a stream when it rebuffered once, and the number only goes up with more rebuffers. [...]

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08 December 2009 ~ 35 Comments

VIDEO: The future of video, Beet.TV roundtable

In case you missed the live stream last week, you can now catch some edited footage from the roundtable discussion at the Finnish Embassy on the future of video. Here Joe Trippi and other participants discuss how political video has changed with the Obama election as well as how the Republicans and Democrats are [...]

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19 November 2009 ~ 51 Comments

Flip Cam to make citizen video journalism even quicker

In an exciting development for decentralized citizen journalism, the Flip video camera from Cisco will include wi-fi starting in early 2010. Wireless internet access will now enable instantaneous video sharing via the web. While many smart phones already offer the ability to record video and directly upload to YouTube or Facebook, the Flip [...]

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16 November 2009 ~ 104 Comments

Obama condemns internet censorship in visit to China

In a town hall style meeting on Sunday in Beijing, President Obama expressed his opinion regarding Chinese restrictions on internet access. The Associated Press reports:

It was a delicately balanced message and Obama couched his admonitions with words calling for cooperation, heavy with praise and American humility.
“I think that the more freely information flows, the [...]

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13 November 2009 ~ 47 Comments

YouTube to support full HD video

In an exciting move, YouTube will start to support high definition video resolution up to 1080p. You have to have recorded high definition video in order to take advantage of YouTube’s tech upgrade, but with many consumer video cameras now supporting 1080p quality, this is great news. Mashable.com reports:

Although YouTube has been supporting videos [...]

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10 November 2009 ~ 48 Comments

ElfYourself Customizable Videos Return

The insanely popular, ElfYourself videos created by JibJab for OfficeMax, have returned. As TechCrunch reports, the customizable videos have reached an incredible audience since launching in 2006:

ElfYourself started back in 2006, when it received a surprising 36 million views in its first year. In 2007, it took the web by storm, with a whopping [...]

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23 October 2009 ~ 20 Comments

With alleged 2 years left of DVD prominence, Netflix announces move to streaming (Not in US)

A week ago in an interview with The Motley Fool Netflix CEO Reed Hastings’ said that he believed the DVD would only be the “primary delivery form” for Netflix for another two years. Well, building on his comments last week, Hastings announced yesterday that Netflix will launch a streaming-only service option (although only in [...]

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