29 June 2010 ~ 2 Comments

Bill Clinton supports Andrew Romanoff

In an email today, President Bill Clinton endorsed Andrew Romanoff for Senate. This is a big endorsement, now let’s keep the momentum going. Donate to Andrew Romanoff today and let’s bring real Colorado leadership to Washington.
Dear Friends,
I first met Andrew Romanoff in 1992, when he was a student at the Kennedy School of Government and I was [...]

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21 May 2010 ~ 12 Comments

Give CT Voters a Choice – Let Merrick Alpert Speak!

The Connecticut Democratic Party Convention starts tonight, and some within the party are trying to keep Connecticut voters from having a choice by blocking U.S. Senate candidate Merrick Alpert from addressing the delegates.
Alpert is running against Attorney General Richard Blumenthal – who has come under fire for making misleading statements about his service in the [...]

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12 January 2010 ~ 95 Comments

New Yorkers need a choice

As the campaign manager for Howard Dean, I think it’s important to have independent voices in the Democratic Party.
I also believe that primaries help to build a healthy, strong and vibrant party of ideas.
Primaries allow for real debate about issues, new solutions and new ideas, and they allow for the challenging of stale thinking that [...]

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05 August 2008 ~ 6 Comments

Slattery is talkin’ “Priorities”

Jim Slattery, who celebrated his 60th birthday yesterday, is now working his primary election day today and is up with a new televsion spot called Priorities.

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