07 April 2010 ~ 225 Comments

Romanoff Stands up for Net Neutrality, Slams Comcast v. FCC Decision

Wanted to make sure everyone saw Andrew Romanoff taking a strong stand on net neutrality and for consumers in the wake of the recent court decision in Comcast v. FCC. This is one of the many reasons we need Romanoff in the U.S. Senate. Click here to contribute to his campaign: https://donate.andrewromanoff.com/page/contribute
For immediate release
Romanoff: I’ll [...]

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25 March 2010 ~ 15 Comments

Sen. Bennet “Doesn’t Confuse the Blogosphere with Real People and Real Voters”

Yesterday I told you that Coloradans delivered a petition with over 35,000 signatures to Senator Bennet, asking him to stand by his word and force the vote on a public option.
The response from Bennet’s office?
Michael Bennet “doesn’t confuse the blogosphere with real people and real voters.”

This is one of the most insulting quotes by [...]

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24 March 2010 ~ 13 Comments

Demanding the Public Option

In just 5 days, almost 36,000 people have signed the petition demanding a vote on the public option and Sen. Bennet has responded to these demands claiming he will follow through on his public option promise (check out his piece in the Huffington Post).
Now Denver’s AM 760 host David Sirota is urging Denver residents [...]

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23 March 2010 ~ 254 Comments

Romanoff Stands Up For Public Option

Andrew Romanoff is refusing to give up on the public option. In an email to supporters today, Romanoff said:

Three months ago, the Senate killed the public health insurance option. Last month, a group of Democrats wrote a letter (reprinted below) asking their leadership to restore the public option by allowing an up-or-down vote. 

“A strong [...]

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20 March 2010 ~ 25 Comments

Romanoff Walks the Walk

Colorado Senate candidate Andrew Romanoff has walked the walk, standing up to the insurance industry, the pharmaceutical industry and financial predators. But what about Senator Michael Bennet?

Full disclosure: I am currently an advisor to the Romanoff campaign

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20 March 2010 ~ 35 Comments

Sirota: Will Romanoff’s Move Put the Public Option Back On the Table?

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) decision to back down to Senate Democratic leadership and abandon his previous promise to add a public option into the health care bill made it seem the public option was dead. Now, Colorado Senate Democratic candidate Andrew Romanoff may have successfully put the public option back on the table (see David [...]

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