29 August 2008 ~ 14 Comments

Jim Slattery launches new faith website

US Senate candidate from Kansas Jim Slattery just launched a brand new website highlighting his own faith and family upbringing at www.ibelieveinkansas.com. The site gives you a real look at Jim, a guy who would be great for the US Senate and who can go all the way in November with your help. [...]

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20 August 2008 ~ 20 Comments

Jim Slattery asked me to share this with you…

Got an email yesterday from US Senate candidate Jim Slattery from Kansas and I thought I’d share it with you.

With your help, Jim Slattery can win in November. From now until the election, every little bit will help to fight off Pat Roberts’ negative attacks. Visit 40yearsislongenough.com to learn more about Roberts’ real [...]

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07 August 2008 ~ 96 Comments

DSCC Spotlight: Jim Slattery

After his primary win Tuesday, the DSCC profiled Jim Slattery as he advanced his fight for Kansas families one step closer to taking on Pat Roberts in November.
Democrat Jim Slattery has always been a strong advocate for Kansas’ working families. During six years in the Kansas House of Representatives, and twelve in the U.S. House, [...]

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04 August 2008 ~ 105 Comments

Happy 60th Jim Slattery

Today is Jim Slattery’s 60th birthday. Happy Birthday, Jim. Thanks to his wife Linda for letting everyone know that Jim’s hit 60.
Jim Slattery is a good guy and a great candidate for Kansas. To learn more about the campaign, check out their site. To support the campaign and wish Jim a happy [...]

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23 July 2008 ~ 102 Comments

Slattery Launches Ads in Kansas – After nearly 40 years we need new leadership

On the Road to 60 — Jim Slattery has an excellent chance of upsetting Pat Roberts in Kansas. The Slattery campaign launched this spot yesterday (full disclosure, we shot and produced it)
If Jim has the resources he will win this seat — so if you like what you see please contribute what you can [...]

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