08 December 2009 ~ 35 Comments

VIDEO: The future of video, Beet.TV roundtable

In case you missed the live stream last week, you can now catch some edited footage from the roundtable discussion at the Finnish Embassy on the future of video. Here Joe Trippi and other participants discuss how political video has changed with the Obama election as well as how the Republicans and Democrats are [...]

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03 November 2009 ~ 3 Comments

Election Day: CNN American Morning

Joe Trippi was on CNN American Morning this morning discussing the potential implications of todays elections for the Democrats and Republicans. Check out the discussion below. Keep an eye out for video later this afternoon.
From CNN.com.


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30 October 2009 ~ 53 Comments

Rove’s Misread of Tuesday’s Elections

In yesterday’s Wall Street Journal Karl Rove presented a thoughtful opinion piece on how to read the results of elections to be held Tuesday in Virginia, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. Regardless of Rove’s projected outcomes in these elections, he makes the mistake of seeing the results, as most of Washington will see [...]

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14 September 2008 ~ 521 Comments

Its Not Just Palin — Its The Message.

There is no question that John McCain’s pick of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has changed the dynamic of the 2008 Presidential campaign, moved the current wave of polling to the GOP’s favor, and altered the terrain the rest of the election will likely be fought on.
The Obama campaign’s ability to recognize the shifting [...]

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07 September 2008 ~ 77 Comments

Tie-Breakers. Advantage Obama. Advice? Take Nothing for Granted

The recent CBS and Rasmussen polls show the race between Barack Obama and John McCain to be tied. Gallup has McCain taking a slight 3 point lead.
At the moment, all indications point to a very close contest between the GOP and Democratic nominees – but I want to point out that 57 [...]

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05 September 2008 ~ 23 Comments

John McCain — A Moving Story and a Speech that Disappoints

Running to catch a flight home. A quick note. I really expected John McCain to follow up on his pick of Sarah Palin with some bold reform initiative or other bold challenge to the nation — at least some challenge to Democrats and Obama. He did none of the above. Nothing [...]

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02 September 2008 ~ 76 Comments

Massive Attention On Palin Sets Stage For Key Moment

Everywhere I go people are asking, if the revelations around Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s selection by John McCain to be his running mate have hurt the Arizona Senator’s chances of winning the Presidency.
The truth, no matter what the polls say today, is that we don’t know yet.
The massive amount of media focus on [...]

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