22 October 2012 ~ 6 Comments

What’s Really Gonna Change?

Here’s what we know and what Woodward’s book reminds us about- whoever is elected- the big issue they’re going to have to deal with first is the “fiscal cliff”.

And the results of the presidential race – and how close the vote ends up being in the end – will determine who has the advantage in those negotiations.

Unless the election results are indecisive.

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09 November 2010 ~ 5 Comments

1994 vs 2010 – Why Dems Lost This Time

Guest post by Paul Blank
If you haven’t you should check out the bi-partisan poll released today by Greenberg Quinlan and Ayers, McHenry & Associates.
I know the point of this poll is to illustrate the parallel to 1994…and it’s pretty insightful.  But, there was one other thing that really struck me.  Despite everyone saying the Dems [...]

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16 June 2010 ~ 261 Comments

What the President Should Have Said

The problem with President Obama’s speech last night and his meeting today with BP CEO Tony Hayward is the timing.
We face the greatest environmental crisis in our nation’s history and the Obama administration let 56 days go by before the president addressed the country from the Oval Office and 57 days to meet with BP’s [...]

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22 December 2009 ~ 25 Comments

Obama Announces Cybersecurity Adviser to Coordinate Government-Wide Internet Security

This morning the White House announced the appointment of a White House Cybersecurity Coordinator, Howard A. Schmidt. The Cybersecurity Coordinator will be tasked with directing cybersecurity policy across the federal government and will work closely with the President’s economic team as well as the national security team. Schmidt will report directly to the [...]

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16 November 2009 ~ 104 Comments

Obama condemns internet censorship in visit to China

In a town hall style meeting on Sunday in Beijing, President Obama expressed his opinion regarding Chinese restrictions on internet access. The Associated Press reports:

It was a delicately balanced message and Obama couched his admonitions with words calling for cooperation, heavy with praise and American humility.
“I think that the more freely information flows, the [...]

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24 September 2009 ~ 309 Comments

Win lunch with President Obama

Really cool contest from the Democratic Governors Association where you can enter to win a free trip to Washington DC and have lunch with President Obama.
Not only is this a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet President Obama, but this is a ‘once-in-a-generation’ election cycle for governor’s offices.
Right now, Democrats have 28 governors…and, in [...]

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05 February 2009 ~ 32 Comments

The hook goes in deeper if you struggle.

Upon hearing the news that President Obama would seek to limit annual income for executives whose firms accepted federal bailout money (TARP), I started to think about the outrage that some top brass in those companies were probably feeling. As we have also learned about the $18 billion in bonuses for these Wall Street [...]

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