13 March 2009 ~ 38 Comments

The Horror and Hope of Zimbabwe. Roy Bennett Jailed, Released, and Forgives

Cross-posted on Daily Kos:
I’ve talked about Roy Bennett and his imprisonment for weeks, talked about his courage, about Roy really being the heart and soul of the MDC opposition to Mugabe in Zimbabwe, and rejoiced when I learned he was released from the horrors of the Mutare prison — a prison that is known throughout [...]

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09 March 2009 ~ 2 Comments

Botswana’s Khama goes after Mugabe regime

Last week, before the accident that killed the wife of Zimbabwe Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, Botswana President Ian Khama outlined his misgivings about the power-sharing deal recently implemented between Robert Mugabe’s ZANU-PF party and PM Tsvangirai’s Movement for Democratic Change. Saying that the situation “could spell disaster,” Khama, who has been outspoken against the [...]

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05 March 2009 ~ 13 Comments

MDC Demands Immediate Release of Roy Bennett

Nearly two days after a court threw out an application to waive Roy Bennett’s bail–a ruling that should have prompted Roy’s release–he remains in jail, and one of the two senior level prison officials has confiscated the papers ordering Roy’s freedom and disappeared. This is yet another tactic showing that Mugabe’s footmen are grasping [...]

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03 March 2009 ~ 18 Comments

High court orders release of Roy Bennett, other MDC activists released

Just a moment ago, I received word that the Zimbabwean High Court has thrown out the State application to deny Roy Bennett bail after a judge granted it about a week ago. Since then, human right activist Justina Mukoko and ten other MDC activists have been released from prison, hany of whom had been [...]

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28 February 2009 ~ 3 Comments

Who would hold a nation of 9 million hostage in their own homes? Keep reading…

I received another letter from Zimbabwe today. This one not only outs more Zimbabwean officials seeking to protect themselves from what I can only assume will be an undesirable fate post-Mugabe, but also the repeated and intentional unwillingness to obey even the most desperate court orders to ensure that urgently needed medical attention be [...]

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27 February 2009 ~ 25 Comments

Who’s behind Roy Bennett’s abduction: Naming names

Earlier this month, I posted the names of two of Mugabe’s men responsible for any harm that may come to Roy Bennett and his colleagues. In Zimbabwe, naming names matters. Each of these people know that some day, hopefully soon, the Mugabe regime will be no more, and many are afraid of the [...]

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26 February 2009 ~ 22 Comments

State Department Human Rights Report highlights legacy of abuse

The following human rights violations also continued: violence and discrimination against women; trafficking of women and children; discrimination against persons with disabilities, ethnic minorities, homosexuals, and persons living with HIV/AIDS; harassment and interference with labor organizations critical of government policies; child labor; and forced labor, including of children.-US State Department Report on conditions after 2008 [...]

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