26 October 2008 ~ 286 Comments

Note to GOP – ACORN Was Defrauded and You Know It.

A short history of how voter registration drives got to where they are today.
1. The GOP during the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s employed a number of methods to register voters to insure the people they were registering were indeed Republican.
One method was to go through a neighborhood and register everyone who wasn’t registered. Then they [...]

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24 October 2008 ~ 15 Comments

Over the Line

The Minnesota Independent’s Paul Schmelzer has a story about the latest down-and-dirty from the McCain Campaign, including
the standard RoboCalls.

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27 September 2008 ~ 46 Comments

The Race is Still Close – But Beginning to Feel Like It Could Be A Rout for Obama

If you have checked in here over the past month or so you have seen me warn that Democrats and progressives should take the McCain/Palin ticket seriously. Take nothing for granted. I urged people not to laugh at Palin and pointed out that even Dan Quayle became Vice President.
But I have to say, [...]

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25 September 2008 ~ 296 Comments

If There Is A Debate — Obama Is Likely To Win It

It’s All Happening At The Debate?
In every single poll John McCain has higher ratings with voters on foreign policy than Barack Obama. So its pretty simple — if at the end of this debate voters think that Barack Obama deserves to stand on the same stage with John McCain on foreign policy, then [...]

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14 September 2008 ~ 521 Comments

Its Not Just Palin — Its The Message.

There is no question that John McCain’s pick of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has changed the dynamic of the 2008 Presidential campaign, moved the current wave of polling to the GOP’s favor, and altered the terrain the rest of the election will likely be fought on.
The Obama campaign’s ability to recognize the shifting [...]

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07 September 2008 ~ 77 Comments

Tie-Breakers. Advantage Obama. Advice? Take Nothing for Granted

The recent CBS and Rasmussen polls show the race between Barack Obama and John McCain to be tied. Gallup has McCain taking a slight 3 point lead.
At the moment, all indications point to a very close contest between the GOP and Democratic nominees – but I want to point out that 57 [...]

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05 September 2008 ~ 23 Comments

John McCain — A Moving Story and a Speech that Disappoints

Running to catch a flight home. A quick note. I really expected John McCain to follow up on his pick of Sarah Palin with some bold reform initiative or other bold challenge to the nation — at least some challenge to Democrats and Obama. He did none of the above. Nothing [...]

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