01 July 2010 ~ 13 Comments

Howard Dean urges support for Giles Perkins

Trippi, you should see this. Howard Dean just sent out an email urging people to support Giles Perkins, candidate for Attorney General in Alabama. Governor Dean wants this to be seen and read by as many people as possible — We asked if it was ok to get to you and other blogs and he said we [...]

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12 January 2010 ~ 95 Comments

New Yorkers need a choice

As the campaign manager for Howard Dean, I think it’s important to have independent voices in the Democratic Party.
I also believe that primaries help to build a healthy, strong and vibrant party of ideas.
Primaries allow for real debate about issues, new solutions and new ideas, and they allow for the challenging of stale thinking that [...]

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04 October 2008 ~ 113 Comments

Author’s Note — 2nd Edition of The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

First of all I want to say that there is another book out there that I urge people to read. Markos Moulitsas Zuniga’s Taking On The System. Markos and Jerome Armstrong along with so many others were there at the beginning, and Markos’ book is a must read if you want to understand [...]

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29 September 2008 ~ 262 Comments

It Only Got Worse — June 11, 2003 and Today

In 2003 I spent my birthday with my friend Pat writing the “Definitional Moment” memo to Governor Howard Dean, and we finished it the next day — June 11, 2003.
Remember that what you are about to read was written five years ago — and the events of the last few weeks make it clear that [...]

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