14 July 2010 ~ 91 Comments

Android App Inventor – The Dreamweaver of Mobile?

By now, you’ve probably already heard of Google’s new Android App Inventor — a visual mobile app designer that requires no programming skills to operate. The App Inventor gives anyone the opportunity to create a custom-made app for their cause, business, or brilliant idea at virtually no cost.
Will this lure new developers onto the Android [...]

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23 June 2010 ~ 274 Comments

Microsoft Office Web Apps takes on Google Docs

We’ve heard rumblings of a Microsoft competitor to Google’s popular Docs suite – a cloud-based productivity package – for years. And finally, the venerable Word, Excel and Powerpoint take to the ‘tubes’ in Microsoft’s Office Web Apps. Dennis O’Reilly at CNET took the software for a spin, and shared his thoughts:
I was most impressed with [...]

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03 June 2010 ~ 74 Comments

Google Launches Political Tools For Campaigns

Google has launched new tools for political campaigns interested in leveraging YouTube and Google to their full advantage.
Check out Mashable’s take on YouTube’s You Choose 2010 Campaign Toolkit:

With YouChoose 2010, federal and state candidates who want to leverage YouTube in their campaigns can apply to have their own YouTube Politician channel. The political offering [...]

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25 May 2010 ~ 16 Comments

Facebook Catching Google in Online Political Ad Share

According to data from the Federal Elections Commission, Facebook’s share of online political ads is quickly catching up to Google.
Google has been in the political ad game for quite some time (twice as long as Facebook), but the FEC found that the ratio of money spent on Google versus that on Facebook was only [...]

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05 April 2010 ~ 4 Comments

Technology & Environment Giants Ask Obama to Support Home Energy App Platform

What does Google have in common with The Climate Group? Whirlpool and Environmental Defense Fund? Best Buy and the Alliance to Save Energy?
They are just some of the over 45 companies and organizations that have joined together to ask President Obama for federal support of a home energy application platform.
According to Michael Terrell, Google’s [...]

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23 March 2010 ~ 3 Comments

Google vs. China Battle Wages On

In an effort to live up to its promise to end censorship, Google has closed down its Beijing office and has begun redirecting tens of millions of Chinese users to its uncensored site in Hong Kong. However, the effect was short-lived as the Chinese government quickly responded, blocking mainland users’ access to search results [...]

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24 January 2010 ~ 45 Comments

Laws aiding government surveillance at fault for Chinese hacking of Google?

Bruce Schneier, a security technologist, wrote an opinion piece today on CNN.com, claiming that the U.S. government as well as a number of other democratic governments enabled the Gmail hack by forcing technology providers to install back-door surveillance capabilities in their software. While his piece lacks the evidence to back up his claim, the [...]

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