07 April 2010 ~ 225 Comments

Romanoff Stands up for Net Neutrality, Slams Comcast v. FCC Decision

Wanted to make sure everyone saw Andrew Romanoff taking a strong stand on net neutrality and for consumers in the wake of the recent court decision in Comcast v. FCC. This is one of the many reasons we need Romanoff in the U.S. Senate. Click here to contribute to his campaign: https://donate.andrewromanoff.com/page/contribute
For immediate release
Romanoff: I’ll [...]

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16 March 2010 ~ 269 Comments

Broadband Plan Is Off to Congress

The FCC submitted its National Broadband plan to Congress today, calling for at least 100 million U.S. homes to have access to affordable broadband.
The policy is ambitious, but according to Chairman Genachowski, it’s “necessary to meet the challenges of global competitiveness, and harness the power of broadband to help address so many vital national [...]

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16 January 2010 ~ 16 Comments

Wireless and internet phone companies fight to influence net neutrality rules

The battle over net neutrality rules is heating up as internet service providers and other parties with a stake in the debate work to shape the actual regulations the FCC is in the process of writing. Wired.com’s Epicenter blog reports:

The FCC wants to take the current guidelines that force DSL and cable internet providers [...]

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09 January 2010 ~ 15 Comments

Head of FCC wants nationwide broadband, but path still unclear

In an interview yesterday at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Julius Genachowski, the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission highlighted the FCC’s goal to achieve universal broadband access. Venture Beat reports:

Broadly, Genachowski did note that the FCC has been ordred (sic) to look into ways to promote universal access to broadband. That [...]

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05 January 2010 ~ 3 Comments

US Justice Department weighs in on allocation of wireless spectrum

The debate over free wireless and communications spectrum is heating up, and today the Justice Department provided its own piece. Reuters reports:

In comments to the Federal Communications Commission on Monday, the Justice Department said the best way to promote broadband competition was to free up more spectrum and to organize any spectrum auctions so [...]

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17 November 2009 ~ 28 Comments

FCC urged to review use of digital TV airwaves

In a letter to the Federal Communications Commission, the chief executives of the Consumer Electronics Association and the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association urged the FCC to review how digital TV airwaves are being used as directed by the Telecommunications Act of 1996. This could lead to a reapportioning of digital airwaves to accommodate growing [...]

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22 September 2009 ~ 15 Comments

Wireless providers, AT&T and Verizon, oppose FCC net neutrality principles

This weekend I wrote about the FCC’s upcoming announcement to implement its principles on net neutrality to both broadband and wireless. Well as expected, the wireless service providers are already showing their opposition. Here’s more from CNET’s blog Signal Strength:

Verizon and AT&T, which operate the nation’s largest and second-largest cell phone networks, respectively, [...]

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