11 April 2011 ~ 12 Comments

Nigerian Elections Off To A Strong Start

FULL DISCLOSURE: As someone who has been active in both advising on and overseeing elections in Africa and Nigeria, I have worked for several pro-democracy candidates in Nigeria, including President Goodluck Jonathan.
International observers have been understandably wary about the elections in Nigeria. In a country where political intimidation and violence have marred every election [...]

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09 November 2010 ~ 5 Comments

1994 vs 2010 – Why Dems Lost This Time

Guest post by Paul Blank
If you haven’t you should check out the bi-partisan poll released today by Greenberg Quinlan and Ayers, McHenry & Associates.
I know the point of this poll is to illustrate the parallel to 1994…and it’s pretty insightful.  But, there was one other thing that really struck me.  Despite everyone saying the Dems [...]

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02 November 2010 ~ 32 Comments

Pulling for Dennis and Kitz

Two other people I’m really pulling for personally tonight: Dennis Kucinich and John Kitzhaber.
I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Dennis Kucinich for a long time.  He’s one of the few true progressive leaders out there who stands up for his principles and calls things like he sees them.  He’s as passionate and as much of [...]

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02 November 2010 ~ 274 Comments

The Long Road to Election Day 2010

I know it’s been a tough year for Democrats, and there are lots of good ones in the fight of their lives today (like one of my personal heroes Russ Feingold).  I’ll be rooting for all of them.  But, there are several candidates and a proposition on the ballot this election that really mean a [...]

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02 September 2010 ~ 28 Comments

Caddell on the Midterm Elections

This is my friend Pat Caddell’s take on the upcoming election. What do you think?
Caddell on the Midterm Elections
National Review Online – September 2
In Jimmy Carter’s White House, Patrick Caddell was, in the words of Teddy White, the “house Cassandra” — an all-too-candid pollster whose prophecies spooked the president’s other advisors. Three decades later, [...]

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20 March 2010 ~ 251 Comments

An election is being stolen – don’t sit back and watch

After countless Iraqi citizens, American soldiers and NGO workers have put their lives on the line to build democracy in Iraq, the election is being stolen right under our eyes – and the international community is just standing by to watch.
Some of you may have read the article by Michael Hastings about my involvement in [...]

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31 December 2009 ~ 98 Comments

2009: The year in Twitter

Twitter has been one of the premier phenomena of 2009. With incredible growth rates for the first part of the year, and reaching near ubiquity with mentions across the media landscape, the service has continued to evolve. In an end of year retrospective, ReadWriteWeb overviews some of the hightlights from Twitter:

One of the [...]

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