17 January 2010 ~ 37 Comments

The New York Times Appears Ready to Charge for Online Content

In a story out today from New York Magazine, sources close to the decision makers, it appears that The New York Times is close to announcing a pay model for its online content. Also of note, is that the announcement may be set to coincide with the announcement of Apple’s tablet computer. From [...]

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28 December 2009 ~ 17 Comments

Studios experimenting with earlier release of movie and TV content online

In attempts to optimize returns on movie and television productions, some studios are experimenting with the timing of online releases. This even includes the release of content online prior to its availability on DVD as Sony, Showtime, and AMC have done with the film Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs and shows Weeds and [...]

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03 December 2009 ~ 17 Comments

Streaming content: The answer to pirating and media industry’s woes?

The Guardian’s Digital Content Blog, PDA, points to a developing trend that could hold good news for media companies. As online access to legal video and music content increases, will illegal filesharing become much less of a problem? The Guardian reports:

Streaming video is booming online – 64% of internet users watch video clips.
Okay, [...]

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15 November 2009 ~ 29 Comments

News Corp. to block Google? Probably not.

There has been a lot of discussion in the blogosphere of Rupert Murdoch’s threat of blocking Google and implementing paywalls. In a great article over at Search Engine Land, Danny Sullivan delves into the intricacies of Google News Search and alternatives that may actually play out with insight from an interview with Josh Cohen [...]

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12 November 2009 ~ 249 Comments

Paid freelancers and targeted content creation

In a quickly transforming media landscape, new business models seem to hold the secret to journalistic success. One innovative and fast-growing model is that of Demand Media, a company that creates over 4,000 targeted new articles every day, employing freelancers through it’s Demand Studios site. ReadWriteWeb reports on their model and success: [...]

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28 October 2009 ~ 61 Comments

Open-source Salmon protocol works to centralize distributed conversations

As a result of the ease with which content is now shared across the internet, conversations surrounding a single article or blog piece end up scattered across the web. Well to address this, a new open-source project, the Salmon protocol is working to address this specific issue by aggregating distributed conversations. From [...]

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23 October 2009 ~ 20 Comments

With alleged 2 years left of DVD prominence, Netflix announces move to streaming (Not in US)

A week ago in an interview with The Motley Fool Netflix CEO Reed Hastings’ said that he believed the DVD would only be the “primary delivery form” for Netflix for another two years. Well, building on his comments last week, Hastings announced yesterday that Netflix will launch a streaming-only service option (although only in [...]

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