19 November 2010 ~ 24 Comments

“The Tao of Moonbeam”

In case you missed it, there was a great article in The New York Times by Timothy Egan about Jerry Brown this week. In the piece, Egan gives four reasons why Jerry has the perfect background to get California back on track:
First, he has that missionary zeal for lost causes. Remember, he was studying [...]

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02 November 2010 ~ 274 Comments

The Long Road to Election Day 2010

I know it’s been a tough year for Democrats, and there are lots of good ones in the fight of their lives today (like one of my personal heroes Russ Feingold).  I’ll be rooting for all of them.  But, there are several candidates and a proposition on the ballot this election that really mean a [...]

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01 November 2010 ~ 272 Comments

Don’t let the insurance companies buy the insurance commissioner in CA

The big insurance companies are spending millions to buy the office of Insurance Commissioner and defeat a strong consumer champion Dave Jones. Watch this video and send it to a friend.

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28 October 2010 ~ 50 Comments

5 days left, but it was great to wake up to this

I have worked with Jerry for at least two decades, produced the TV ads in his campaign for Attorney General, and again this year for Governor.  We have a great team with a lot of ideas and commitment to Jerry’s effort.  We have 5 days of hard fighting ’til election day — but it was [...]

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31 March 2010 ~ 83 Comments

Wall Street Journal on Gavin Newsom

Check out this article in the Wall Street Journal Political Diary E-mail on Gavin Newsom, who’s running against Janice Hahn in the Democratic primary for Lieutenant Governor of California. Hahn would be the first woman to hold the position, and is the right choice for California. Donate to her campaign today and help bring real [...]

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08 October 2009 ~ 34 Comments

Jerry Brown with Big Lead

A new field poll was released this morning showing Jerry Brown with a commanding lead over Democrat Gavin Newsom and the Republican challengers. Check it out:

A new Field Poll shows California Attorney General Jerry Brown with a strong lead in next year’s race for governor, even before he’s declared himself a candidate and despite months [...]

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05 October 2009 ~ 22 Comments

Michigan Agricultural groups reach compromise on humane farming practices, Ohio leaders won’t even talk

Since the Prop 2 win in California last year, there has been a lot of momentum behind providing basic standards for farm animals. Just a couple days ago the Michigan House of Representatives passed a bill to phase out the use of veal crates, gestation crates, and battery cages, that Gov. Granholm is expected [...]

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