11 July 2008 ~ 48 Comments

UN Vote on Zimbabwe Sanctions Fail — China, Russia Veto Resolution

“China and Russia tonight vetoed a US draft resolution in the UN Security Council that would have slapped sanctions on Robert Mugabe’s regime.
The two veto-holding powers joined South Africa, Libya and Vietnam in opposing the draft which sought to impose an assets freeze and a travel ban on Mr Mugabe and 13 of his cronies, [...]

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11 July 2008 ~ 239 Comments

Zimbabwe Running Out of Food

“The situation is dire. It is quite stressful and we are under a lot of pressure from consumers,” confessed Bramwell Bushu, the chairman of the National Bakers’ Association, whose members are closing shop daily as bread, the country’s second most essential food commodity after mealie-meal, has vanished from supermarket shelves.
“There is no wheat and we [...]

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06 July 2008 ~ 27 Comments

Mugabe Plans to Start Campaign to Finish Off Opposition Tomorrow

Word is starting to circulate that Mugabe and his regime intend to start a new campaign to destroy and kill off the remaining opposition in Zimbabwe tomorrow.

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05 July 2008 ~ 95 Comments

Operation CIBD Revealed – Mugabe’s Coercion, Intimidation, Beatings and Displacement Campaign

A must read on how Mugabe and his Military thugs planned and implemented Operation CIBD to hold onto power.

HARARE, Zimbabwe — President Robert Mugabe summoned his top security officials to a government training center near his rural home in central Zimbabwe on the afternoon of March 30. In a voice barely audible at first, he [...]

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04 July 2008 ~ 112 Comments

Mugabe starts phase II — Arrest MDC MPs — Win Majority with Trumped Up Convictions

‘We have more than 100 supporters who have been killed in broad daylight, but no one has so far been arrested in connection with that.’
Tamborinyoka said the strategy of Mugabe’s government ‘is to vilify the members of parliament (MPs) and to reverse our majority in parliament after convicting them using subverted judiciary.’
Full story [...]

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03 July 2008 ~ 103 Comments

Botswana seals border with Zimbabwe

It is suspected that this is the first step Botswana is taking along with breaking ties with Zimbabwe,as it to reviews its recognition and legitimacy of the Zimbabwean government. Botswana might recall its ambassador Pelokgale Seloma from Harare and expel his Zimbabwean counterpart.”
Full story here
This move shows that some African nations are ready to take [...]

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03 July 2008 ~ 260 Comments

Mwanawasa of Zambia Dies — Or Not? Update.

Update Zambia Government denies rumors of Mwanawasa’s death — News report here. This as of 8:30am Eastern Time US.
What follows is my early morning post as I awoke to reports (hopefully false) that Mwanawasa had died in a Paris hospital.

There is so much we in the United States do not pay enough attention to [...]

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