Joe Trippi is one of the most sought-after political strategists and an enduring figure on the presidential campaign circuit. He worked for Ted Kennedy, Walter Mondale and Gary Hart and turned Howard Dean into an unlikely front runner in 2004. A former Silicon Valley consultant, Trippi was the first political operative to appreciate and then realize the potential of the internet, and as such the strategy, tactics and tools he created in 2004 have become the foundation for the many of the successful campaigns of today and tomorrow.

01 November 2010 ~ 18 Comments

Trippi featured in election preview on

Joe was just featured on in the election preview article, Midterms 2010: The Gathering of the Election Gurus. Check out his thoughts on the best, worst, smartest and dumbest tactics this cycle.

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01 November 2010 ~ 271 Comments

Don’t let the insurance companies buy the insurance commissioner in CA

The big insurance companies are spending millions to buy the office of Insurance Commissioner and defeat a strong consumer champion Dave Jones. Watch this video and send it to a friend.

01 November 2010 ~ 18 Comments

RIP Ted Sorensen

RIP Ted Sorensen

As you may have heard, Ted Sorensen, President John F. Kennedy’s famed Speechwriter and Counselor, died yesterday at age 82.

I greatly admired Ted Sorensen. And I had the incredible luck to have spent time with him getting his help crafting some of the language of the Dean campaign in 2003. He loved America and his words for John F. Kennedy and others will echo through the ages.

30 October 2010 ~ 253 Comments

Dennis Kucinich responds to attacks in new ads

I want you to see this email I just got from Dennis Kucinich. Please chip in what you can so he can continue responding to these attacks.

Dear Friends,

Cleveland is the epicenter of a sub-prime meltdown with an extraordinary level of foreclosures and a very high level of unemployment.

My Republican opposition has thrown into this mix the politically incendiary issue of immigration through radio ads, telephone calls, electronic billboards and direct mail.

Here is a link to one of several gutter level distortions that are appearing in mailboxes across the district.

Additionally, my supporters in the district who have chosen to put up lawn signs in support of my candidacy are receiving at their door anonymous circulars which can only be described as menacing, aimed at stirring up hate, racism and the pain of 9/11

We have three days to go until the election. Your contributions have enabled us to buy TV and radio time to respond to these attacks.

Click here to hear our radio ad and view our ad for TV.

Anything you can contribute between now and Monday morning will enable us to increase the size of our media buy and perhaps even create more ads.

I’m heartened by the response to my campaign’s appeal over the last two days. People really do care. People really do want a government that’s decent and fair. People want a nation thatIS courageous, that seeks unity, that tries to live the deeper meaning of democracy.

Thank you, so much for everything that you do to keep these sentiments alive.


Full Disclosure: I am currently an advisor to Dennis Kucinich

30 October 2010 ~ 21 Comments

Betty White Joins HSUS to Support Prop B in Missouri

On Tuesday – Missouri voters will decide whether to take on the state’s tragic puppy mill problem.  Here’s the latest from Wayne Pacelle’s blog:

Today, Betty White left a warm and positive phone message (listen here) with about a half million Missouri women voters in support of Prop B—a different kind of robocall, given that this campaign tool is so often used to convey harsh and dishonest information about a candidate or issue campaign on the eve of an election. The legendary actress and life-long animal advocate, who at 88 seems at the top of her game, said “We need to deal with the state’s terrible puppy mill problem. ” She added, “Prop B will set common-sense standards for the care of dogs—adequate food, veterinary care, and exercise.”

Read more and urge your friends and family in Missouri to vote YES on Prop B.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I consult with the Humane Society of the United States on ways to expand their online community to protect animals and confront cruelty — something very important to me and my family.

28 October 2010 ~ 50 Comments

Cook Report adds Kucinich to list of vulnerable Dems – Please help

I just got this email from Dennis Kucinich. Please chip in what you can to help a great independent-minded progressive:

Dear Friend,

The Cook Report has written that the seat I have held in congress for the last 14 years is no longer a safe Democratic seat.

I cannot take this election for granted.

We need immediate help to raise the funds to spend for last-minute media buys to make sure there is no question about the outcome.

Please send a contribution.

Thank you, as ever.


Seven More Competitive House Races

Dennis Kucinich among newly vulnerable Dems.

3:48 PM, OCT 26, 2010 • BY MICHAEL WARREN •

The Cook Political Report has updated seven House races, moving all seven “Solid Democrat” races to “Likely Democrat.” The list includes Frank Pallone of New Jersey, David Price of North Carolina, Peter DeFazio of Oregon, Jim Cooper of Tennessee, Lloyd Doggett of Texas, John Tierney of Massachusetts, and Dennis Kucinich of Ohio … Kucinich’s challenger, Cleveland businessman Peter Corrigan, was considered a long shot until a recent internal poll showed Corrigan within single digits of the two-time presidential candidate.

Full Disclosure: I am currently an advisor to Dennis Kucinich

28 October 2010 ~ 50 Comments

5 days left, but it was great to wake up to this

I have worked with Jerry for at least two decades, produced the TV ads in his campaign for Attorney General, and again this year for Governor.  We have a great team with a lot of ideas and commitment to Jerry’s effort.  We have 5 days of hard fighting ’til election day — but it was great to wake up to this:

Democrat Jerry Brown has amassed a 10-point lead in the California governor’s race over Republican Meg Whitman, whose negative ratings have reached record levels despite her spending $162 million in the largest self-funded campaign in American history, a new Field Poll shows.

It’s great to be up — but I have been in wave elections before. As the Story says, Whitman has already spent more money than any candidate in history and is dumping millions more into lies against Jerry Brown in the final days.   Please help if you can:

FULL DISCLOSURE: I’m an adviser to the Brown for Governor 2010 campaign.