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02 October 2008 ~ 9 Comments

Why I Fight. Zimbabwe Will Break Your Heart. And Make You Want to Fight Even More.

I did everything I could to help in Zimbabwe. But the bastard in power has bullets. And the people who have power — the banks, foreign governments, and corporations, for the most part, wouldn’t take a stand against Robert Mugabe. So I am going to keep doing everything I can.
A lof [...]

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13 August 2008 ~ 79 Comments

I Received This Via Email — Morgan Tsvangirai’s Message To The People of Zimbabwe

Mugabe doesn’t allow direct communication between Tsvangirai and the people of Zimbabwe — hopefully some of them can access it here.
President Tsvangirai Statement to the People of Zimbabwe
13 August 2008
My Fellow Zimbabweans:
The Movement for Democratic Change has always been a people’s project. We seek nothing but the best interests of the people of our country.
Tragically, [...]

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06 August 2008 ~ 23 Comments

Red Cross Hopes For $26 Million for Zimbabwe

Its hard to understand what has happened to the people of Zimbabwe unless you see it first hand. Millions of refugees have spilled into South Africa, Botswana and other neighboring countries, millions more are stranded in Zimbabwe where a few billion dollars might pay for a loaf of bread.
Its hard to [...]

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