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08 November 2012 ~ 10 Comments

Setting the record straight on the Ohio call

After many people asked me if I agreed with Karl Rove’s challenge at the time Ohio was called for Obama on Tuesday night, I wanted to make sure my memory was correct.

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27 September 2012 ~ 65 Comments

The Price of Politics Makes Its Way Into The Campaign

We knew when we picked our September book club selection, Bob Woodward’s “The Price of Politics” that the book was the talk of the town in Washington.
What we didn’t know is that it would feature prominently in a new Romney campaign ad.
On Sunday, the Romney team released “Mute Button” which takes a scene in The [...]

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10 September 2012 ~ 58 Comments

Tulsi Gabbard

Thanks to Tulsi Gabbard for her kind words on Up with Chris Hayes on MSNBC last weekend. As I’ve said earlier, Tulsi is one of the best candidates and communicators we have worked for, and her team was as hard working and disciplined as Tulsi. We’re very proud to be working with Tulsi, and to [...]

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31 December 2011 ~ 20 Comments

2012 – The Year Europe May Prove Politics and Economics Are the Same – and Broken

Like many Americans who have watched the economic crisis in the Eurozone I found myself wondering several times over 2011 – “why can’t they get their act together and fix this? Don’t they realize what’s at stake?”

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06 October 2011 ~ 33 Comments

What Steve Jobs meant to me

I went to school at San Jose State University in Silicon Valley in 1975. I was an engineering major who would try to grab time on red beam lasers to make holograms, or sneak more time on the IBM mainframe in the computer lab – all while maintaining my insane interest in politics.
I [...]

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13 September 2011 ~ 49 Comments

Issues over parties?

This is a post from my friend Raymond Glendening. Raymond is a co-founder of Ruckus, a cutting edge online organizing platform that I encourage everyone to check out. Before that, he worked at the Democratic Governors Association and on Bill Richardson’s presidential campaign.
I first met Joe Trippi in 2003, while he was orchestrating [...]

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26 August 2011 ~ 20 Comments

UN headquarters car bombing in Nigeria kills 18

While we all brace for the hurricane, some very saddening news from Nigeria:

A car loaded with explosives crashed into the main United Nations’ building in Nigeria’s capital and exploded Friday, killing at least 18 people in one of the deadliest assaults on the international body in a decade. A radical Muslim sect blamed for a [...]

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